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St Bartholomew's

Catholic Primary School

Topic Four - Community- Local Church



EYFS - Celebrating:
The Parish community gathers to celebrate such occasions as Baptism, Christmas, wedding.
Examining inside the parish church.
Various ministries undertaken by the parish community.
The story of the Presentation.

Year 1 - Special People:
The Church is where the parish family gathers to celebrate the Good News of Jesus.
The priest leads the parish family as they gather to celebrate Mass at church on Sunday.
Lay ministries exercised by the parish family.
The Presentation of Jesus.
Listening to God’s Word at Mass.
Special reverence for the reading of the Gospel.
The Finding of Jesus in the Temple.

Year 2 - Books:
The basic division of the Bible into Old and New Testament.
The names of some of the Books of the Bible.
The place of the Gospels in the Bible, something of their writers.
The marks of reverence given the reading of the Gospel during Mass.
The religious vocabulary and symbols related to the reading of the Gospel.
The names, types and functions of various books used at Mass.

Year 3 - Journeys:
The liturgical year.
What liturgy is.
Special season of the Church’s year.
The cycle of readings for the Sundays of the Church’s year.
Ordinary time.
The feasts of Our Lady.
Pilgrimage Psalms.
The importance of prayer in Christian life.
How prayer leads to good actions.
Mysteries of the Rosary.

Year 4 - Community:
Parish, pastoral area/deanery.
The vocation of the lay people in the Church.
The vocation of ordained ministers.
The service to a parish community through ministry.
Living our the command of charity and good works.
Funeral Rites.

Year 5 - Mission:
Christ inaugurates the proclamation of the Good News using Isaiah.
The apostles share in Christ’ mission.
The call of Levi.
Priestly prayer for unity in John’s Gospel.
The nature of a diocese.
The bishop is the successor of the apostles and continues the mission of Christ.
The meaning of ecumenism.
(Trip to Christ the King Cathedral, Liverpool) 

Year 6 - Sources:
Sacred Scripture is the inspire Word of God.
God is truly present in Scripture.
The Old Testament has its own intrinsic value as well being for the Christian part of the total revelation of God in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.
The Gospels are central because Jesus Christ is their centre.
The Word of God is venerated and nourishes and governs the Christian life.